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Jeff Tollaksen
Chapman University, Orange, USA

The Time-Symmetric Formulation of Quantum Mechanics, Weak Values and the Classical Limit of Quantum Mechanics

The two-state vector formalism provides a complete description of pre- and post-selected quantum systems and has uncovered a host of new quantum phenomena which were previously hidden. The most important feature is that any weak coupling to a pre- and post-selected system is effectively a coupling to a “weak value” which is given by a simple expression depending on the two-state vector. In particular, weak values, are the outcomes of so called “weak measurements” which have recently become a very powerful tool for ultra-sensitive measurements. Using weak values, I will show that the classical limit of quantum mechanics is a far more complicated issue; it is in fact dramatically more involved and it requires a complete revision of all our intuitions. The revised intuitions can then serve as a guide to finding novel quantum effects.


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